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We at KRIYA provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk & come to a conclusion.

Fit-Well Studio holds the motto of being fit, it is not just keeping your body fit, but also keeping your mind fit. We at Fit-Well Studio believe that a human body is capable of fighting anything if it is fit for it. Yoga and meditation are the main focus at Fit-Well Studio. Yoga has the power of strengthening your body from outside and inside at the same time. Yoga also teaches you the essence of life. Meditation is the foundation of human survival. Meditation helps you to heal yourself. Meditations leads you to the path of spirituality. Combination of yoga and meditation helps you to experience life to it’s largest. And make yourself open to life.

We at Fit-Well Studio organizes workshops to bring people close to their own body and understand it through yoga and meditation. We keep special care about people of all ages. Yoga and meditation are the form of exercise which can be done by anyone at anytime. We only guide you to do it in a correct way. Workshops of Fit-Well Studio are organized in the open natural environment so that people can connect with the natural and beautiful surroundings. We help you to attract only good thoughts to your mind, and create your mind according to you. Our motto is to “Create healthy living world” We in our workshop teach you how to generate positive energy and love yourself.

About Founder

faiza khan - Fit Well StudioI always want to start my introduction by saying life is beautiful. Whatever comes to us whether good or bad should be accepted whole heartedly and dealt with. Since my childhood I have always been an active child, more active towards playing than studies. My father is a very strict man, always pampering his daughter. I started playing badminton in class 6th. I had played more than 30 nationals I guess. But this did not make my life settled and fulfilled. I went to Delhi University to pursue my graduation in English Literature in 2011. During my second year I gave up on playing badminton as pressure of studies didn’t allow me to give to much time for playing, and as I was living away from my family, I could not afford to fail. As I gave up playing lot of physical diseases attached me. My mom is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. So it was genetically transferred in my body. I had to face pain every morning. My right hand wrist stopped moving. I had to come back to Udaipur after my. Graduation and continue my Masters in Literature from Udaipur itself. Pain didn’t go. Slowly I started to loose self confidence. I came into the influence of many people including my family. They suggested me to give NET exam and become a government lecturer. I also started to think in the same direction. I heard about yoga and exercise curing arthritis. So I started involving myself in the yoga and gym activities. My arthritis started to cure itself slowly because of meditation and yoga. I would not say that i have completely cured my illness. But the pain which I feel now, is not even the 1% of what I felt before starting yoga and meditation. With the passing of time I realized my real interest lies in teaching people yoga and meditation, and spreading awareness about the benefits of yoga, exercise and meditation. Soon I came up with the idea of Fit-Well Studio, with the help of Mr. Sahil Thakur. I had to face lots of obstacles to fulfill my dream.

I now feel peaceful from within not because i just teach yoga, but because I feel happy and peaceful because I have found my inner peace through yoga, exercise and meditation. I want to help people achieve the same.

Your life of Yoga




YOGA is the most suitable form of exercise. It helps you to know your body. We at FIT-WELL train our members according to their requirements.

Take a look at the amazing features & ask yourself the question?

You want to wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Nothing too tight, or too loose.

If you have a yoga mat, it is recommended that you bring it. (We do have mats for you to borrow, if you do not have your own.) It is also recommended to bring a towel and a bottle of water.

We have an introduction course that we recommend for all individuals who are new to yoga. We limit the class size, and all of the students are new so it may feel less intimidating. It is also a great way to start making yoga a habit.

If you have any sort of condition or injury, it is always a good idea to check with your physician before coming to class. Please be sure to let your instructor know if you have any sort of injury or illness. This will allow your instructor to help you modify your practice so that it is healing and appropriate for your body.

It is important to speak with your doctor before deciding to do yoga if you are expecting. If you choose to practice while pregnant, it is important to let your instructor know before you begin class.

Our Specials

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For the young & aged


Years of Experience


In-house Staffs


Years of Experience


Daily Workouts


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YOGA is the most suitable form of exercise. It helps you to know your body. We at FIT-WELL train our members according to their requirements.



Over weight has always been a problem for people of all ages. We teach exercise to get your desired weight and fitness.



Motivational sessions

In Today’s World everyone is busy in making their careers, through difficult struggles. We arrange motivational sessions so that we can guide the people to always remain encouraged and never give up.


Fitness is something that can be achieved easily if done in a correct way. Outdoor training is our program to train you in the natural environment. To bring you close to the earth and Save your money.

Creative & most complete yoga hunting yoga studio.

Our motto is to “Create healthy living world” We in our workshop teach you how to generate positive energy and love yourself.